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When planning your evaluation, think about where you may be able to use the wealth of data that exists, particularly in health and social care, to feed into your evaluation. Match the existing data to your evaluation’s objectives before making... Read more

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Both Popper and Campbell thus saw social science as importantly contributing to social policy and practice by testing out the effectiveness of interventions aimed at dealing with specific problems prior to their general application ( Nick Tilley, 2000 ).

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Every study, no matter how well it is conducted, has some limitations.  This is why it does not seem reasonable to use the words “prove” and “disprove” with respect to research findings.  It is always possible that future research may... Read more

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“Purpose of Evaluation research as informing the development of policy and practice” (Nick Tilley, 2000 )

Health Foundation, 2015

While evaluation comes in many shapes and sizes, its key purpose is to help us to develop a deeper understanding of how best to improve health care

Kings Fund, 2015

Implementation of the Forward View should involve a process of discovery and not design.  There should be a commitment to real-time evaluation and learning throughout the process

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Put simply, ‘capacity’ describes how much you can do and ‘capability’ is how well you can do it

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Local data often trumped national or research-based evidence.  Local evaluations were more useful than academic research


Build on existing data: There’s no need to add yet another complicated data collection system to the pile. Build on what your organisation already has in place, using existing data, and make tweaks to add more insight if necessary