Guide to Reporting, Communicating and Acting

Reporting Template The template below outlines the key information you need to provide within your evaluation report.  Note: use this as a guide as your own organisation may already have a reporting template which incorporates your organisation’s own branding. Heading... Read more

Guide to Data Analysis

Undertaking an evaluation will normally include: Collecting data Analysing data The type of data you want to collect will depend on your outcome measures. As a general guide, data can be categorised as being either quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative Data ... Read more

Guide to Case Studies

What is a Case Study? A case study is an in depth focussed study of a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time within its real-life context. There are different types of case study: Illustrative case studies... Read more

Stakeholder Identification Tools

Resource 1. Involving and engaging the right stakeholders. It is important to consider who will be interested in this service, evaluation or its findings. Engaging and involving all the right stakeholders right at the beginning is an important step not... Read more

Guide to Interviews and Focus Groups

Interviews An interview is a discussion between an interviewer and a participant. This can occur face to face, or by telephone, usually using a list of questions and prompts. Interviews may be: Structured, with fixed, but usually open ended questions... Read more

Guide to Secondary Data Sources

Decision Making Questions Types of Information and Evidence Sources Checklist • Strategic / Business Planning / commissioning decisions • Project work and pilots • Individual Funding Reviews 1. What are my information and evidence needs? 2. What is the strength,... Read more

Quick Guide to Types of Data

Type of Data Detail Qualitative Uses narrative or descriptive data rather than numbers. For example, a description of the views and attitudes of those receiving/providing a service.  Quantitative Gives numerical results. For example, the percentage of participants completing a programme. ... Read more

Guide to Questionnaires for Service Evaluation

Introduction This guide has been designed to be used for reference if you are considering using any form of questionnaire in your service evaluation. If you are in the BNSSG area please register your survey activity with This guide... Read more

Data Collection Decision Tree

To help you decide how to collect the information or data you need to support your evaluation the following decision tree can help.  Think about the types of information you need and then use this as the starting point to... Read more