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There are excellent resources available locally, nationally and internationally that can help you with your evaluation needs.

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Guidance for debriefing engagement and evaluation participants

A best practices guide for debriefing evaluation participants. Published by Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Guide to types of data

Understand the different categories of data and their uses in evaluations.

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Midlands DSC evaluation guide

This guide covers evaluation design, principles and practice. PDF published by NHS Midlands Decision Support Centre (DSC),

NPC evaluation tools, resources and training

Guides, blog posts and resources that help you measure impacts and carry out an evaluation. NPC also offers training, independent measurement and evaluation services.

Quick guide to qualitative analysis using excel

How to use tools in Excel to help analyse qualitative data from surveys.

Sample quality assurance checklist

A checklist template for recording quality assurance of your evaluation.

Sample register of evaluation projects

A template spreadsheet for registering and recording details of evaluation projects.

Social Value UK's guide to social return on investment (SROI)

A framework for measuring, managing and accounting for the social value or social impact of your evaluations.

Standards of evidence guide

This guidance aims to help you further with this by briefly describing what people mean when they say “higher standard…

The Magenta Book

Developed by HM Treasury to provide guidance on what to consider when designing an evaluation. The Magenta Book is written for…

The Evaluation and Evidence toolkits go hand in hand. Using and generating evidence to inform decision making is vital to improving services and people’s lives.

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